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DJ Rodney Smith, from Bucks County is

a self taught professional who has been

in the industry for 22 years. He started

out on vinyl records making mixtapes for

friends which lead to DJing parties and

eventually to venues from Philly to the

Jersey Shore. He also had the chance to

spin with local legends DJ Perry

Angelozzi and Robbie Tronco in Philly

clubs including Egypt, Shampoo and

Ricochet. Rodney loves house music

and is constantly creating new mixes to

keep his skills fresh. He will play to the

crowd, and loves nothing more than seeing a packed dance floor. After realizing that not only is music his passion, it is his calling and he wants to make it more than just a hobby. In the last few years, he started his own company and his focus is on private parties and social events. He now owns and operates with his wife Michelle. It is a FULL service DJ and Photobooth company that books events BIG and small. He takes great pride in taking on an event and seeing it from beginning to end.

Dj Mech / Rodney Smith
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